Post-Filing Debtor Education

Find Your Financial Footing

Once you've filed for bankruptcy, the court requires you to complete post-filing debtor education prior to discharging your debts. The goal of the debtor education course is to ensure that you are better prepared in the future to manage your money and handle credit. Money in Motion is designed to help you both achieve financial health and to set and reach financial goals.

Consumer Disclosures

Please review these consumer disclosures for our post-filing debtor education carefully. You are required to accept or decline these terms prior to purchasing access to the Money in Motion course.

Fee Policies for Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Counseling and the Post-Filing Debtor Education Course

Program Certificates

All clients who complete an instructional course are eligible to receive a certificate of completion at no additional charge. We have an obligation to provide the certificate promptly upon completion of instruction. A debtor will only receive the certificate if a debtor completes instruction.

Consumer Rights

Consumers have the opportunity to negotiate an alternative payment schedule with regard to unsecured consumer debt. Consumer Debt Counselors can assist clients with setting up an alternative payment schedule such as a debt management program. If we are unable to provide a service needed by a client, we will refer him or her to another approved agency.

Impact to Your Credit Score

Consumer Debt Counselors does not notify credit reporting bureaus of your participation in credit counseling. Also, we will not inform your creditors either unless you elect to pursue a course of action that requires us to do so, such as a debt management plan (DMP). Participating in a DMP will not have any adverse effect on your credit score, and, by the end of the term, will be a beneficial factor in terms of your credit. Filing for bankruptcy may negatively affect your credit score and access to credit. Our counselors will be happy to discuss the consequences of either of these decisions with you.

EOUST Approval

The Executive Office for the United States Trustees (EOUST), a division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), has approved Consumer Debt Counselors, Inc. to issue certificates in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. UST has reviewed only the agency's counseling/instructional services and has neither reviewed nor approved other services the agency may provide.

Counselor Qualifications

Our team of qualified counselors is trained and certified by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). Each counselor can be trusted with personal financial information, and all are qualified to help clients step-by-step make important choices about their finances.

Agency Funding

Most of the funding for the debt management program comes from a combination of grants and voluntary contributions. Some of these contributions are from creditors who participate in our debt management programs. Consumer Debt Counselors neither receives nor pays referral fees for the referral of clients, except under a fair share agreement.

Most of our contributions come from clients.

Privacy Disclosures

Consumer Debt Counselors, Inc. may disclose some client information to the Executive Office for the United States Trustees (EOUST), a division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) in connection with EOUST’s oversight of Consumer Debt Counselors. Disclosure of client information may also be made during the investigation of complaints, during on-site visits by the EOUST or during quality of service reviews.

For more detailed information on how Consumer Debt Counselors handles personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Language Assistance

If you are completing an EOUST-approved bankruptcy education course and have limited proficiency in English, you have the right to free bilingual instruction or assistance from a professional interpreter. Please contact us for assistance.

Other Policies

These disclosures are a reflection of our policies that directly impact our bankruptcy education program. Other agency disclosures are available in our Statement of Counseling Services.

Consumer Acknowledgement

By accepting these terms, you agree that you have read the consumer disclosures and that you understand the information on qualifying for a fee waiver. Upon acceptance, you will be taken to our fee waiver calculator.

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