Is Debt Weighing You Down?

At first you just needed extra help to get by. It was under control. Now it seems like you can't escape: barely making the minimums, high interest rates, late payments and even collections calls. We can help.

Learn how a debt management program can help you:

  • Reduce interest rates
  • Lower monthly payments
  • BBB-Accredited Business with an A+ Rating
  • Stop collections calls
  • End over-limit and late fees
  • Bring accounts current

Financial Counseling and Debt Management

Better manage your financial resources and resolve your financial problems.

Our certified credit counselors can help you break the cycle of debt and learn how to responsibly use credit and manage a household budget, as well as begin to increase your net worth through asset building.

We want you to be comfortable and confident in your decision to work with us. We're accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC).

Talking to one of our certified counselors for financial counseling is always free. We invite you to join us for a non-cost, risk-free consultation to discuss your financial outlook. During your session, you will receive a personalized analysis of your finances, discuss your options and develop a plan of action for tackling issues that are important to you.

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Is a Debt Management Program Right for You?

One of your options may be a debt management program managed by Consumer Debt Counselors. Some advantages of a debt management program may include:

  • Payments that work with your budget
  • Lower interest rates and/or lower payments
  • No collections calls
  • No more over-limit or late fees
  • Bringing your account current
  • Consolidating debts into one simple monthly payment
  • Financial education to help you rebuild your finances successfully
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